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Oct 28, 2016

Guaranteed Home Sale? Are these offers legit? Darin Persinger of shares with you in ths episode of Inside Real Estate Show what he thinks about guaranteed home sale programs and Real estate Agents or Investors that offer you "market value" for your home.

Selling your home? Thinking about buying a new home? Need to sell your home quickly?

Have you ever seen Real Estate marketing that makes an offer something like “if we don’t sell your home we will buy it” ? Is it legit? That would certainly solve some of your problems right?

If you look around the internet there are plenty of sites out there that offer some kind of guaranteed home sale program. Some of them even go as far as spelling out the time frame in which they will sell your home. “We will guarantee your home is sold in 30 days, sold in 45 days, or sold in 90 days." The idea is if your home is not sold in X days, they'll buy it.

Or another offer I've seen recently on Facebook is someone offered to pay cash for homes and willing to pay market value.

To that I say, "Impossible." This real estate agent or investor is being at best, disingenuous. At worst they are being dishonest.

Market Value according to wikipedia, is the price at which an asset would trade in a competitive setting. 

OR investopedia defines market value as the price an asset would fetch in the marketplace. 

How can you determine the market value if the home never goes on the market?

Darin Persinger, the host of shares some thoughts on guaranteed home sale programs, home buyers paying cash and market value of homes for sale.

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